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Anyone here know "Need for Speed Hobbies" (http://www.needforspeedhobbies.com/index.html) run by Carmen Blois and his wife Juliette in Sussex ,New Brunswick, Canada . They're listed as the one and only Zenoah distributors in Canada on Zenoah's web site. There is lots of mail order houses but it seams they never have stock, or everything is back ordered. Just trying to find Zenoah parts closer to home with companies willing to do special orders. Like Tony & Pam, its hard to find. Living in a small city with just one hobby shop that does orders every 30 days sucks.

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Comment by Gordon T Haley on July 5, 2012 at 12:08pm

Found out that most if not every hobby shop here in Canada uses 1 supplier for Zenoah parts.

Comment by Gordon T Haley on July 7, 2012 at 7:23am
Tony, I was looking for zenoah parts here in Canada because
1 I thought local dealer should have stock...not
2 All zenoah parts should cost same plus shipping... Not
3 Thought they might deal with a supplier with stock ...not
4 Do they know what they sell ...not very often
5 Just because a hobby store has multiple outlets does not mean they are the best.

You will be my parts supplier
1 you ARE a zenoah dealer
2 you DO have stock of parts
3 YOU know what you sell

It doesn't matter where I get the parts I still have to pay shipping.
So I feel buy from the best choice and Tony WHH IS THE BEST
Comment by Tony Castronovo on July 8, 2012 at 10:45am

Gordon, I do appreciate all the compliments, but this industry is having a difficult time supporting full time operations like ours, and in your case even worse. Zenoah has really not raised their prices in the past five years, the problem is the exchange rate. Your dollar costs more than ours and subject to higher taxes and duties, which in itself is not such a bad thing judging from your countries economic strength.

But....when you combine the fact that the import costs are higher, and the garage Dum-Dum Dealer, ( mostly in the USA ) who pays $10.00 for a part and sells it for $12.00 has badly damaged the products values, provides no business reasoning for a legit dealer to invest several thousand dollars for such a low return.

Zenoah has created this mess, and the reason why I chose to manufacture our own engine. Just ten years ago you had to be a quality and legit dealer and purchase a minimum of 1000 engines per year to be a dealer. Today they sell to everyone and anyone and at low quantities and no contracts. When you enable your products to be sold to Urchant Merchants whom are not running a business, but a hobby this is a direct result.

I have very few dealers who are selling XForce engines, and I have made it perfectly clear that though I value their business I do not need their business. They are to treat our products with brand respect value in order to continue to do business with us.

So in essence you are now seeing the legit hobby dealers not stocking product that has no profit potential, and that goes for any products across the board. I myself could not continue at our capacity to sell Zenoah engines and products. I have always told people that running a responsible business is like playing Chess and every move has it's consequences and must be thought out. And after thirty years now I still believe it to be true, only today the pieces are now 6 feet tall, so you only want to move them once and in the right place.

Comment by Gordon T Haley on July 8, 2012 at 12:53pm

Tony, very true. Tony it is compliments and also the truth. If Zenoah didn't raise their prices someone sure did (90.00 for my crank here in Canada before taxes and shipping) I totally understand, a local company can list product on their web site then when you order it they say 10 to 24 days before they can ship it to you. So few companies stand behind their product, not just in the hobby industry. I see product everyday that is supposed to have passed QC and then you try to get warranty, the company that sold the product isn't even the manufacturer. This whole INTERNET thing is a double edge sword. Companies feel that they are saving money not stocking parts thinking they can get it the next day, but they loose customers. Now days if you have a older car they don't know how to fix it in the shop, the techs only know the last five years.

Remember when I was looking for a transmission to go behind the Zenoah engines, companies here in Canada wanted me to pay double what I could get in USA. I could buy the unit up here throw 1/2 to 2/3 away and still be ahead. Today's society is throw away good stuff just because there is something better. I don't get it.


Comment by Tony Castronovo on July 9, 2012 at 8:19am


It's so sad and so true about everything these days. Over the past 15 years I have purchased three new trucks, and I never bought a new vehicle until 1996. Our Titan was just paid for a year ago, and now going on seven years old with 150K miles, ( I do use Amsoil and change every 5000 miles ), and I worry about it breaking down because I have no idea where to start to make a engine repair. Our dealerships are not very good where I live and under warranty it's not so bad because if they don't know what's going on Nissan gets the learning experience bill.

Not to get off subject but most XForce parts will fit the Zenoah G260's and they are at least 25% less.

Comment by Tony Castronovo on July 9, 2012 at 8:22am

Gordon, I am looking for a quality minded dealer in Canada to handle XForce engines and parts, If you have any interest and want to set up a dealership, and a site to handle all of Canada give me a call.


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