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It's official our EForce (both) engines now have more than 100 hours on them (each). The results at the end of the test were similar on both engines. With both, compression was lower than from the start of the test (ring wear mainly), both still start on the first couple pulls loosing about 500 RPM's under load, or about 1/4 HP. The internal metal, chrome and piston looked good and while some wear on both was evident, not enough to replace either. The bearing wear was better than expected and we will now freshen both engines with new rings only and install them in out clutch-less and clutched test Cat's and really give them Hell! We want to push the top and bottom conn rod bearings to find their limits, so we will leave the original one's in place and continue.

This test was relentless to these engines under a constant load producing extreme case temperatures. In regular model boating operations I would think that 200 + hours would be possible. And on a advised engine program (included with each production engine sold) the correct oil and changing the piston ring and top bearing on scheduled intervals as well as a good overhaul every couple years, one may never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of the lollipop?

We are delighted in the results to say the least and ready to rock-n-roll on January 1st 2012.

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