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Normally I can come up with a name ( and that's my favorite part ) pretty easy for a boat or product whether influenced by something in the past, or out of thin air, but in the case of our new Cat, I was blank for months. I asked everyone here to come up with some names too, but none really stuck out.

So the other day as I am going through some of my old toys from the 60's ( deciding if it was time to part with them ), I came across what looked to be a Cat with wheels from 1968, and I remembered this one because it was probably the coolest and most original that they designed.

I yelled over at Pam and said, "What about........." and she said that's great, now whether she meant it or not one will never know cause she always say's that's great.

Anyway it may not be one of my original names, but it sure does fit with the design...

Introducing....THE ENFORCER

I hope you guys like it as much as Pam does.

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