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Warehouse Hobbies Inc. is leaving the Model Boat Industry.

Wow, I always knew there may be a day I would have to write this, but never knew how, why, or when. First, we will continue day to day operations selling parts and products but no longer RTR boats or XForce engines. My son Tony will continue to perform engine work for everyone who wants or needs it done, for all XForce and Zenoah 26 - 29cc engines. I have set him up with a complete engine shop inclusive of all the machinery he will require. He has been building all modified engines for the past five years, so please you are in good hands. With the minimal over-head he will also be able to reduce his rates, I'm sure everyone likes to hear that.

OK here's the deal... Last November I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery because I failed to yield to all of the many warning signs I had for two months prior, like most of us guys who can diagnose our pains and aches by what we did or lifted, or fell from the day before. In my case I had a kidney stone that blocked one of my kidneys, and caused damage to that kidney. That's not too big a deal guys because you can live with only one kidney. After my doctor read me the riot act for creating this issue he told me that he didn't like an issue he saw with our number one stress organ, and that I really needed to reduce the stress levels in my life if I wanted one.

I have been trying to make this decision for the past seven months, and it is a hard decision to make, especially under our circumstances where we are now a family business. I think the day that I had made my mind up was three Saturdays ago when Pam and I had both of our beautiful Grand Daughters ( 4 and 1 ) over the house for the weekend. We also have a one year old Grandson, the boys have really blessed us these past few years.

That night Pam and I had a real serious talk about talking to our two sons and tell them that it's time for dad to take it easy so he can be around to see his Grandchildren grow up. As much as I would love to leave the business in the hands of the two boys, there is just too many parts of the business that they don't know and are not business capable of doing, which of course would leave to more stress than me being here.

Both boys will have no problems in life because they are educated and have great work ethics, Tony Jr. wants to continue to do engine work, and Mike had job offers coming from all directions as soon as he put the word out.

We are not going to sell Warehouse Hobbies Inc. nor close it down because it also owns two other non-hobby related businesses, one which I made one of our key employees a partner and I will be a silent, and the second that Tony and another couple employees can operate. I can oversee these entities in an office environment with little effort.

Our plans are to continue to sell inventory off, and try to find a buyer for all inventory and assets only for a very reasonable price. This is so hard for me to say and do you guys, and my stomach has been sick for weeks but everyday it has been easier knowing that my life, family, and well being is so much more important than all of the crap I have acquired over the years.

Pam and I will be fine, we purchased a farm several years ago with plans to have a farm house and a U-Pick farm, only rather than ten years away, it starts now. We have sold our larger home and will build a small and more manageable one.

I can not begin to tell all of you how important that you are to us and that there would be no Warehouse Hobbies or Enforcer if it wasn't for all of you. So many of you have become so much more than customers, you have become friends of mine and our family, and we even mention your names in our daily conversations. I also want all of you to know that you have helped me as much as I may of helped you over the years. It's your excitement and needs that pushed me to constantly think of how I could improve our products, not our bottom line.

I can leave this business without any regrets of any kind, and the sadness I feel is a direct bond between all of you and myself, and has a genuine value far greater than any monetary level we have achieved. I have talked with my son Tony and asked him to keep this forum alive and stay connected with all of you, and he has agreed. I gave him the knowledge and the ability to continue if he wants with the engine program, but that will depend on him and how he treats all of you, I would hope with the same mutual respect.

I will come by time and time and see how everyone is doing on the forum, and give you updates ( only if you want them ) from Pam and I.

At this time July 1st in 1983 I was standing in my brand new hobby shop in Fort Lauderdale Florida that we named, Warehouse Hobbies. I was so scared, I left the electrical business only a few weeks prior just after receiving my state license, my Grandfather was disappointed and could not believe it, but in my heart I really wanted nothing more than to see if my hobbies that were so prevalent in my life as a child and teenager could actually support Pam and myself.

Well you all know how the story went and now thirty years almost to the day later how it ends, and I am sure that God has been there along the entire voyage and now has told and prepared me that it's time to take a back seat and enjoy my family and friends.

Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, It has been a life fulfilling and overwhelming journey and experience, and most of all, a pleasure serving you

Tony Castronovo

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Comment by Lou ( Butch) Thibodeau on November 23, 2015 at 9:22am

Hi Tony,  if you still check out this forum,   please send me an email at Lthibod3@maine.rr.com.   Butch...


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