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Warehouse Hobbies Inc. is leaving the Model Boat Industry.

Wow, I always knew there may be a day I would have to write this, but never knew how, why, or when. First, we will continue day to day operations selling parts and products but no longer RTR boats or XForce engines. My son Tony will continue to perform engine work for everyone who wants or needs it done, for all XForce and Zenoah 26 - 29cc engines. I have set him up with a complete engine shop inclusive of all the machinery he will require. He has been building all modified engines for the past five years, so please you are in good hands. With the minimal over-head he will also be able to reduce his rates, I'm sure everyone likes to hear that.

OK here's the deal... Last November I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery because I failed to yield to all of the many warning signs I had for two months prior, like most of us guys who can diagnose our pains and aches by what we did or lifted, or fell from the day before. In my case I had a kidney stone that blocked one of my kidneys, and caused damage to that kidney. That's not too big a deal guys because you can live with only one kidney. After my doctor read me the riot act for creating this issue he told me that he didn't like an issue he saw with our number one stress organ, and that I really needed to reduce the stress levels in my life if I wanted one.

I have been trying to make this decision for the past seven months, and it is a hard decision to make, especially under our circumstances where we are now a family business. I think the day that I had made my mind up was three Saturdays ago when Pam and I had both of our beautiful Grand Daughters ( 4 and 1 ) over the house for the weekend. We also have a one year old Grandson, the boys have really blessed us these past few years.

That night Pam and I had a real serious talk about talking to our two sons and tell them that it's time for dad to take it easy so he can be around to see his Grandchildren grow up. As much as I would love to leave the business in the hands of the two boys, there is just too many parts of the business that they don't know and are not business capable of doing, which of course would leave to more stress than me being here.

Both boys will have no problems in life because they are educated and have great work ethics, Tony Jr. wants to continue to do engine work, and Mike had job offers coming from all directions as soon as he put the word out.

We are not going to sell Warehouse Hobbies Inc. nor close it down because it also owns two other non-hobby related businesses, one which I made one of our key employees a partner and I will be a silent, and the second that Tony and another couple employees can operate. I can oversee these entities in an office environment with little effort.

Our plans are to continue to sell inventory off, and try to find a buyer for all inventory and assets only for a very reasonable price. This is so hard for me to say and do you guys, and my stomach has been sick for weeks but everyday it has been easier knowing that my life, family, and well being is so much more important than all of the crap I have acquired over the years.

Pam and I will be fine, we purchased a farm several years ago with plans to have a farm house and a U-Pick farm, only rather than ten years away, it starts now. We have sold our larger home and will build a small and more manageable one.

I can not begin to tell all of you how important that you are to us and that there would be no Warehouse Hobbies or Enforcer if it wasn't for all of you. So many of you have become so much more than customers, you have become friends of mine and our family, and we even mention your names in our daily conversations. I also want all of you to know that you have helped me as much as I may of helped you over the years. It's your excitement and needs that pushed me to constantly think of how I could improve our products, not our bottom line.

I can leave this business without any regrets of any kind, and the sadness I feel is a direct bond between all of you and myself, and has a genuine value far greater than any monetary level we have achieved. I have talked with my son Tony and asked him to keep this forum alive and stay connected with all of you, and he has agreed. I gave him the knowledge and the ability to continue if he wants with the engine program, but that will depend on him and how he treats all of you, I would hope with the same mutual respect.

I will come by time and time and see how everyone is doing on the forum, and give you updates ( only if you want them ) from Pam and I.

At this time July 1st in 1983 I was standing in my brand new hobby shop in Fort Lauderdale Florida that we named, Warehouse Hobbies. I was so scared, I left the electrical business only a few weeks prior just after receiving my state license, my Grandfather was disappointed and could not believe it, but in my heart I really wanted nothing more than to see if my hobbies that were so prevalent in my life as a child and teenager could actually support Pam and myself.

Well you all know how the story went and now thirty years almost to the day later how it ends, and I am sure that God has been there along the entire voyage and now has told and prepared me that it's time to take a back seat and enjoy my family and friends.

Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, It has been a life fulfilling and overwhelming journey and experience, and most of all, a pleasure serving you

Tony Castronovo

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Comment by Larry Bleakley on July 2, 2013 at 7:14am

I hope God is good to you, and lets you enjoy your grand children,as much as I enjoy mine

Comment by Tony Castronovo on July 2, 2013 at 9:11am


Thank you, Pam and I have been watched over for the past 35 years we have been together, and I have done everything and more than my heart desired, with her involved 99% of the time. Now it's time to live an easier lifestyle, as I have seen so many of my friends pass way before their time on a constant quest of business and possessions. We had not, We had more than we needed, and from here on out we will have only what requires us to be content and not responsible for material obligations, so we can enjoy each other and our kids and our rand kids.


Tony C.

Comment by Gordon T Haley on July 2, 2013 at 7:59pm

Tony, Pam, and family. Do what is best for you and your family and everything will fall into place. 

God bless you and your family.


Comment by Lou ( Butch) Thibodeau on July 11, 2013 at 7:25pm

To my friends Tony and Pam, and the rest of the gang at Warehouse Hobbies,  I was very surprised to hear about your health Tony,  but knowing you and Pam, since back in the late 1980's,  and visiting the shop when I did get to Fla.  I can relate very much as to your health problems.   I will try to call soon to chat again with you and Pam.   Butch Thibodeau... 

Comment by Tony Castronovo on July 12, 2013 at 7:49am


You and Marie have always been dear to us, and like many of our customers you have become good friends. I know my working habits seem high speed to many people, but to me running at the speeds I do is comfortable and normal for me. I am not dying by no means, I have realized and been told that I do have to slow down, and God has a way of telling you things in subtle ways that sometimes we don't listen to, until too late. Pam and I started our first business when we were 17, and three years later Warehouse Hobbies Inc. Now 35 years later, both her and I have decided that it is time to slow it down and enjoy the things in life ( and that's not money ) that are most important, I think you know this and will agree. We are going to build that little farm house we have been talking about for so many years, and enjoy each other and our grand children, our oldest now, Carmella (4) wants a horse, and of course Grandpa can make that happen. She's very special and extremely gifted. I started her on a Suzuki 50cc Quad at 2 years old, and for Christmas last year I bought her a (pink) 90cc Polaris Quad, and she rides like it a teenager! She may just be the next Danica?

It's funny how fast things in life can change your whole perspective, even as dedicated as I was to the cause, and what you thought was the most important things, loose their value overnight... We are going to take a few weeks, months, maybe a year or two to build our house, and I want to take Pam to Asia to meet all of our friends there that we have formed relationships with. She has been confined to the office over the course of working for WHH.

I will be easy to find when you come to visit and please do. Our property is across the street from a well know winery called, Henscratch Farms, a cool place to visit as well, it is on the State registry. Now you didn't think I chose that location because his farm has lots of visitors daily? Who knows maybe Pam and I will have a U-Pick it, I won't need to advertise...

Most important is that I know that none of this would of been possible without you and everyone who has supported WHH and my family for so many years. That is by far the hardest thing to let go concerning Warehouse Hobbies / Enforcer Boats.

I am sure we will see each other again, and of course I will come to this forum and others to hear from you guys.

We are 99% confident that Enforcer Direct has been sold to a leading boat manufacture in the US, and I will disclose this more than likely before Monday. I ask that all our loyal Enforcer customers to give him the business and the respect that has been given to Pam and I. He will now have the ability to do business on a competitive level, and I have known him well for many years, and we even worked together briefly in his early days. He is a very good business man, and very passionate to the industry, and "passion" is the single most important ingredient necessary to keep your customers happy and keep your business in business.

Thank you for being a long time customer and a good friend,

love, Pam and Tony C.

Comment by gerald bowe on September 5, 2013 at 12:36pm

ha wow i just check out the site and found this out wow wow  

i am happy for you  tony you desive some time with pam in your elder years after working so hard in the hobby industry  now you can take up my offer for that week end in the bahamas with the big boys toys club  and @ the atlantis  hotel   we can drinks some bahama mamas and kalik beers with conch salad

 just send me a email  so i can get the ball going on it   

we love respect you over here in the bahamas.

all the best  from me and the bahamas bigboystoys club who thanks you for getting us racing  with our sepic racer gator boats   hope we can still get more  of these

Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 17, 2014 at 4:08pm

Hey Gord,

That's great I'm glad he is enjoying it. Yea, I know you guys are getting blasted up North, I don't think it's fair that we complain about the 38 degrees it was yesterday morning...

Pam and I are not going anywhere, we purchased a farm not too far from our buildings and we are building our last home as we speak. We are doing the majority of the work ourselves and I am feeling every bit of my age. In my younger years I could of wired the house in say, a week with a helper, now I will be lucky if I can get it done in a month, but I don't have the responsibility that I had this time last year, so I am taking my time working a couple days a week and on weekends.

At this time we still own the buildings and are manufacturing the radios and also the carts for the UTV and amusement industry. It only takes a 3 employees to run both parts of the company and they can handle it without me being here every day.

Our buildings are up for sale and I already have the plans drawn up for a smaller building on a piece of property we purchased several years ago, so as soon as they sell we can begin. I am really enjoying the freedom but not giving up on developing new products, just not in the toy industry.

It takes allot out of me to see a project through from start to finish, both mental and of course financially, and the Chinese offer no rest for the weary. I enjoy working in and for the amusement industry, the theme parks are even the smaller amusement parks are so precise. We have designed and built a couple real cool carts last year, one for a major park, and a 3-wheel trike/lemonade cart that is also electric powered with a 20 mile range.

A theme park that dealt with us a couple years ago contacted me a few days ago to design a build a  powered retrieval device for one of their rides, that is right up my alley and it's funny because what I went to school for 35 years ago I am now putting to use today. Of course gas model boating was my passion and will always big the biggest part of my career, and it opened the doors to new directions that are upon me today.

I am going to control this best I can and not let it consume my life, I made a promise to Pam that we would enjoy our Grandchildren and each others company.

You are always welcome to come and visit, I will either be here in this building, or possibly a new one, either way it won't be hard to find us, we are not going anywhere, God willing of course.

Thank you,

Tony C.

Comment by John Thompson on March 13, 2015 at 6:53pm


I just heard about all this...when I went looking for WHH online for some parts.  The Enforcer 46" got me into model boating years ago...all the best to you and Pam and your family.

John Molnar, Vermont

Comment by douglas milkey on November 17, 2015 at 8:01am

D0es anyone know where I can find/buy a canopy for a 2006 enforcer magnum 57 ?. Looking for the original color yellow.

Comment by Lou ( Butch) Thibodeau on November 23, 2015 at 9:20am

Hi Douglas,  Check with Enforcer Direct. Com, aka Dan at Bonzi .  They show it avail on the website.   Butch Thibodeau. 


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