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ive had my team/pro for 5/years now .This boat never let me down! Ive fliped it many times And stills runs like a bat out of hell got every up grade whh has now hull is cracking i want too paint the hull with a good spray paint any one has any good thoughts on how too go about this thank for ur help

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Comment by Tony Castronovo on December 27, 2011 at 2:32pm

All cracks need to be repaired before you paint. Follow the cracks with a tiny (1/16") ball end mill on your Dremel tool. Start at zero hull depth and go into the glass no more than 0.025"-0.030 deep and come out back to zero.

Use a mixture of; Cabasil (micro balloons) and talk powder (real talk not baby scented type). Mix 1/3rd talk to 2/3rd cabasil to polyester resin to make a creamy paste with the same consistancy of Bondo.

Mix 15 drops of MEK (with peroxide) to a golf ball size of putty. You can use this just like Bondo now and have about 1/2 hour working time at 75-80 degrees. It will stay for a day or two in the frige once catalized with MEK, clear it with the wife first.

A squeegy works best. Sand to the hull (patches) to a 600 finish. Now you can prime the hull and paint the hull with a can or a gun, (of course a gun is best).

If you can see the cracks (whitish) from the inside then the glass has been compromised and needs to be patched from the inside using polyester resin and two pieces of 3/4 ounce matt over the damaged area.

Everything MUST be clean, I mean clean! Use Acetone on a wet rag, do not allow the acetone to soak the inside or outside for an extended time. Gel coat makes a great base but needs to be sanded to a 600 finish, never paint directly to the shiny surface. Try to avoid painting the hulls bottom at all cost. You can sand any cracks to 600 and simply leave them rather than painting the bottom. When ever you round-over any sharp lines on the bottom or have a surface anything less than flat, you will cause the boat to perform less.

If you don't understand something let me know or give me a call.


Tony C.

Comment by Tony Castronovo on December 27, 2011 at 2:34pm

Bad day for me to write today... It's TALC powder not TALK, and go into the Gel Coat 0.025 - 0.030 not "glass" The depth of the Gel coat is about 0.025"

Comment by CHRISTOPHER JOHN AMELL on December 27, 2011 at 5:43pm

ok thank tony will do send before and after pic when done


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