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There are such main types of resumes:

Chronological summary A chronological resume assumes a description of the facts of the work biography (work, study) in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting from the last place of work, study. The advantage of this type of resume for the employer is that he can see in it a clear picture of a person's work activity. For the applicant, this is an opportunity to demonstrate career and professional growth in the required field of activity.

Functional summary A functional resume, in contrast to a chronological resume, does not require an indication of the chronology of work activity. The main focus here is on professional skills and achievements in various fields of activity. It is beneficial to use a functional resume if there are "gaps" in the work biography, if you want to get a job without experience in this area, or if you return to this area of ​​activity after a long break.

Combined resume (functional-chronological) This type of resume combines the main features of a functional and chronological resume. It emphasizes professional skills and achievements in various fields of activity, while the main facts of the work biography are presented in reverse chronological order. The advantage of this type of resume is that it allows the employer to draw the attention of the employer to the professionalism of the applicant in different areas of activity and to see a clear sequence of work activities.

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Comment by caritop on April 1, 2021 at 7:18am

Yes you are right. There are many types of resumes. But when I needed my resume, it turned out to be too difficult for me. I didn't know which type of resume would show me better. And I turned to the online resume writing service. It helped me a lot when looking for a job. I started getting invitations for interviews. Recently I got a call and was invited to work.


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