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Special Pricing for CE Members on our new XForce engines!

We are now in production for the XForce engine line. We are going to offer our membership a deal for mid-end February 2012 shipping, as January's production has been limited to our Ready to Run line of Enforcer Boats.

The following prices will be good until January 31st 2012. To receive this deal you must call prior to the cut-off date and place your order. We will charge 1/2 up front to secure your order and the balance at the time the engine ships.

There are no limits to the number of engines you can purchase.

XForce 26cc Power-Head (only) - $149.95

XForce 26cc Power-Head M5 (only) - $209.95

XForce 26cc with clutch and mounts - $249.95*

XForce 26cc M5 with clutch and mounts- $299.95*

* Your choice of clutch and mounts, 4-point with nose tube mount / 4-point with flush face clutch

Factory warranty- 180 days for box stock XForce 26 / 90 days for M5 factory modified.

Please understand that this deal is for CE members limited to the time listed above and will only be offered this one time. XForce Model Marine engines will be available at your local hobby shops throughout the US over the next year.

To secure this one-time offer call Pam aty: 1 800 444-1995 We accept: visa, M/C, Discover, and AMEX charges.

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