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About four years ago I started an engine program and it is no secret to anyone that owns our engine used in the Super G that is has performed stellar. Unlike most imports, or what has been dubbed as "clones", we have all of our molds and parts made in both China ands also Tiawan then sent to our factory here in the US for assembly, this enables us to achieve a high standard of quality control.


The second phase was to be a water-cooled engine that I pretty much put on hold when the hobby industry started to see what I call the dark days. Not knowing how my company would react as a direct to the public company furthered my decision to hold the project a couple years back. Now almost two years has past since we have gone direct and we are beginning to get a handle on how to operate our business in this manor.


I have decided to complete the project and bring to the market the XForce water-cooled engine over the course of the next year as this is how long I believe it will take to complete. I have decided to have the 29cc cylinder and piston tooling (molds) made first, followed by the 26cc. I believe this will open a market for the larger boats, and a " bolt-on" product like this will also help stimulate sales needed to complete this very expensive venture.


Without the avenue of distribution it will be much more difficult for me / WHH to recoupe the initial investment, so I think by offering you guys affordable and performance products that will bolt-on to the common engines suchs as; Zenoah, RCMK, and Zenoah "clones" will be well received.


There will no longer be the need for countless hours producing modified engines, as I will have the majority of engine modifications inncorporated into the manufacturing tooling and process. For instance this will enable us to sell you a complete modified cylinder and piston assembly for around the same or slightly higher cost as a stock replacement item, and a completly modified engine from a box to your door, quickly and at a lesser price point.


I have spent many weeks overseas developing a good relationship with engineers and finding the right manufactures for the jobs at hand over the years, and can assure you guys the quality and reliability that you have been a custom to.


WHH will also do what no other manufacture in the engine business has, and that is to offer a warranty program with a new engine purchase. This will have certain limitations holding us harmless for issues caused by the obvious such as; oil and or water damage, but it will also provide you a comfort level to make an engine change and not labeling are engine as just "another clone". I don't want to deviate from the norm and not have interchangable parts because I think that is an asset due to the fact that hundreds of thousands of common engines have entered our country over the past 15 years. Lets not re-invent the wheel.


Please remember we have control unlike the overseas manufacturers. We have the ability to test individule parts for QC, then make the determination of those being used durring assembly, not to mention that I have skiiled engine assemblers on hand under my watch. We have sold well over a thousand of our XForce air-cooled engines used in the Super G, with only a few issues, and none that could not be handled over the phone, or a simple part replacement.


I trust that this venture will really help both you as a customer / hobbiest as well as WHH in the years to come. The ability or advantage for a company to have complete control over its product line is probably the most important factor in business, and I have always tried to have a tight hold on every aspect of our product line. This is the only way that lessens manufacture interuptions and product flow, not to mention the benifits of quality control, and cost savings passed on to you.


I will keep you all informed of our progress and also offer the components for sale as soon as they are ready.


Thanks, Tony C.



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