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Sorry it's taken me a while to reply to the comments about turn fins and Monster Magnum proper torque. I've been busy getting some boats ready for a race were going to on the 14th and 15th. The way to offset the prop torque of the Monster Magnum is to dial in some left rudder. Adding turn fins to the Monster Magnum will have no effect on the prop torque issue. If anything it may make matters worse. To the question of adding a turn fin to a boat like the Team Pro. The turn fin will definitely make the boat handle better in the turns. If you look at some of the pictures I have posted of my Team Pro you will see how I mounted the turn fin. I got the turn fin from Tony. My Team Pro handles like a dream I can go into turns at full throttle and the boats goes through the turn like it's on a rail. One other thing on the Monster Magnum prop torque issue. I have been working on different props to offset the prop torque. I had Brent Dailey of propworks West make me a custom 73/18 prop for my Monster Magnum. This prop shows a lot of promise of working well to offset the prop torque issue. I'll find out more this weekend. We are racing our Monster Magnum in the open offshore class at the race were going to this weekend. The IMPBA has changed the rules for open offshore to allow dual engine boats in this class as long as they are shorter than 60 inches and weigh at least 25 pounds. I'll let you know how the boat does in the race.

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Comment by James Beesley on July 16, 2012 at 1:40am

I look forward to hearing how you do in the races with that prop.  I'm just starting to get a little concerned that the manta ray hull just isn't going to be a good choice for the in-line twin.  I'm also having a very difficult time cracking 40 mph, yes, thats not a typo, 40!  I've tried freeing up the boat as much as I can, and still struggle with cracking 40.  I'm just trying to go cover all the bases in trying to figure out why it's so slow.  RPM's are good at 16,000-16,250, prop is the 80mm 2 blade (std that Tony shipped with the boat), motor is broke in (5 tanks) and leaned out.  In fact, the motor seems to running quite well.  It's the exact same setup as everybody else who bought a monster magnum is seeing mid 50's from, yet I can't get 40.  ?!?!?!?  :(


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