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With our inline engine starting to sell on average of 3 per month over the last year, guys have been getting excited in putting them in all kinds of hulls. My sons also got the bug after getting a 6' Cat to hit speeds over 50 MPH. The other day I caught Mike upstairs bringing the old set of molds down that were used to build the 1987 55" Miss Enforcer Hydro.

He said dad I'm gonna put the inline M5 in it, what do you think? What I really thought was why? But I didn't say anything negitive, because he is at least trying to make progress. I did say great, but put it in a Magnum 57 first, I want to see if we can make a RTR Exotic at a good selling price.

Today he has the engine mounted and in a couple of days we will see how this boat handles or not? If it works you just might see the Enforcer Monster Magnum 57... We will let you know

It does fit nicely.

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Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 10, 2011 at 11:11am

We sold two complete inlines yesterday and now I am getting excited about the prospect of our customers / modelers building these large scale boats, it seams we are building again! Of course we priced them right to help in these times, and are offering any and all advice during and after the build. I have encouraged these customers to join our forum and share both their building and operational experiences.

I think this new spark is just what we need as modelers to continue to grow our segment of the hobby. Of course I explained how great our customers on this forum are, and unlike some others you guys are here to help and share information, and from what I have seen in the past year since we started this forum, I am quite thrilled on how well in is developing as a community.

Thank you, Tony C.

Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 14, 2011 at 3:28pm
Not in the water yet, the weather sucked here this weekend,finally a day with no rain and a little warmer. We should be able to see how she runs this week and I will keep you all posted.
Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 17, 2011 at 11:19am

Thursday morning and finally a beautiful day in sunny Florida, about 78 degrees, just perfect!

Mike and Tony Jr. loaded up the Monster (Inline twin) Magnum and we headed towards the lake. The water was dead calm, I was hoping for the norm of about 2-3 inches, but oh well, it isn't cold and rainy.

The boys fired up the engine, they run so nice, and idle like a dream. With my fingers crossed, Mike the "Hammer", if you knew him you would understand... instantly throttles to 100% and the Magnum launched like it was fired out of a cannon! She was on plane in under 10 feet. Mike brought it around and hammered it agan and I saw speeds I never thought possible with the Magnum 57, the boat accellerated and then ran out of boat and began to chine-walk! We didn't bring the GPS but it was safe to say we were somewhere in the 50's.

The boat handles very well, and my worries of excessive torque didn't even factor in. The engine (Twinline 520) is a M5 modified, with clutch, and wet tuned exhausts. We spent a solid hour of testing but only made carburetor adjustments with documentation. We used our 80MM 2-blade aluminum prop. The next test scheduled for tomorrow is when will will increase the prop to a 82MM, and also install the GPS to get an acurate speed reading.


All in all I can see the Monster Magnum becoming a permenent resident in the Enforcer stable of RTR boats. I have some still shots and action stills that I will up-load soon. Tomorrow I hope to have some video. This new endevour may be the one that can put the average guy into an exotic gas model boat for well under $2000.00, including radio system.

Keep you posted, Tony C. 2-16-2011


Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 18, 2011 at 6:05pm

Our Friday test was the best yet! The engine was breaking in nicely and I can not get over how great these inlines idle, and starting...one or two pulls max.

We changed props to the X482 by Octura and we could not get an accurate land or air speed for that matter, the boat continued to accelerate until it flew off the water like one of those over powered little electrics! We know we can run an 82mm but it must be reduced for the Magnum 57.


We put the 80mm back on and Mike made several hot laps all of which I took video of and then found out that all of my companies 5 year old computers won't read my new 4 Gig cards, how typical? So that is why I am describing today's outing.

Mike and Tony will be testing again this weekend and this time with the GPS. I would have to say that the Twinline is pushing the Monster Magnum in the mid to high 50's, because there is no boat in the water at full throttle, it almost looks as if it was a 20 inch toy being thrashed around when it's a hundred or so feet from shore.


After today I have made the decision to add this as a factory assembled Exotic to our line of boats, because it was as easy to operate this boat as with any of our other popular models. I am going to have the hulls laid-up a little heavier to withstand the punishment that the Twinline 520 dishes out, and one warning for our potential buyers is evident, and that is even though we haven't turned this boat over at the high speeds, I would assume that you could very well damage the hull and or hatch cover due to the additional weight and performance.


All in all I think we have something real special here, especially for those that want the exotic models and are concerned with the maintenence that usually goes along with them. All I can say is not with this one, outside of the fact that it is a rocket ship, she handles outstanding just like the Magnum 57, only with serious TURBO-BOOST!


I have crunched the numbers and am quite confident that you can get your hands on a factory prepared Monster Magnum with all the goodies for under $2000.00.


Will have the video up on Monday.


Tony C.


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