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So, on to the main event, well for me anyway as I had some plans for the radio box...

I had noticed that on a lot of the pics that the wiring was somewhat on show on all of the radio boxes and made them look a little untidy. So I set about trying to tidy the whole thing up a little. I planned to use a 5 cell nicad for the battery box so the hole for the battery should be fine, but the hole for the receiver is way to big for the tiny Spektrum MR3000. I also planned to hide the receiver beneath the radio try along with most of the wiring.

So I cut a new tray (using the old as a template) from a sheet of 3mm acrylic perspex sheet. But i did not cut the hole for the receiver and i added a small slot of the side of the battery cut-out to allow the charging plug to protrude out from underneath.

I also planned to fit a Killer RC kill switch, buzzer and external LED. All of the wiring for this needed to be hidden too.

Finally I covered the new radio tray in a fake carbon fibre sheet just for looks. Check out the next build post for a look at how the whole thing turned out.

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