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So after the boat stand had been assembled it was time to get down to the boat itself. Trying to follow the instructions as best I could; the first task was to fit the fuel tank. The instructions stated that the engine had been fitted for shipment purposes only and should be removed. I didn’t do this as there seemed to be no need as the next task after the fitting of the fuel tank was the engine and the fuel tank could be fitted with the engine in place.

So I first ensured that all of the engine mounts (4 off) were tight and also tightened the nose mount on the prop shaft tube using a little medium thread lock.

Parts required...

And the tank...

The fuel tank kit consists of the tank, 2 clips, 2 cable ties, fuel tubing and a fuel filter. The tank was trial fitted first to ensure no problems would be encountered during final fit. To do this I just positioned the tank as per instructions (flush with the end of the stringers) and temporarily fitted the clips that hold the tank in place, the fit was fine…

The instructions state that the tank should also be bonded to the stringers with silicone sealant. I am surprised this is necessary as the clips seem really strong. Anyway I followed the instructions which involved sanding the tank mount points with a little sandpaper; I then added a bead of silicone sealant to the underside of the tank at the mount points. The tank was then fitted into position with the clips. These clips are then held in place by tightening the 2 tie wraps between the clips. Be careful not to let the clip-point of the tie wrap to fall to one side as this makes tightening more difficult. Once this was done the tank fitment was complete.

Tank now in position held in with silicone and with the clips tie wraped

I was now left with a small length of fuel tubing and a fuel filter. As I could not find any specific instructions for this, I connected the fuel filter to the pick-up tube from the tank (this is the lower one!) and connected the other end of the fuel filter to the inlet tube already on the carb. This assumes that the fuel filter is not a one way filter; I’ll find out so enough!

Tank now all plumbed up

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Comment by Tony Castronovo on July 19, 2010 at 3:03pm
Very nice description, I understood it perfectly. The Silicone is not intended to be an adhesive as much as a cushion so the vibration does not allow the wood rails to work into the plastic of the tank over time. I am a bit of a extremist when it comes to design, some call it overkill.
Tony C .


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