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We are extremely pleased with the SILEX sales this year! It seems that the past two years eyes were watching this boat, and this year they are are buying it. I also atribute that the positive sales are assisted due to a price point of the ready to run SILEX, which is more than $600.00 less dollars than other manufacturers similar boats in it's class.


The SILEX is not only as or more competitive than other manufactured boats in it's class, it costs far less, not to mention it is a genuine ENFORCER!


In the next couple of months we should break the 100 production sold since we brought the boat to market in late 2009, with this one #075 featuring our XM6 engine on it's way to it's proud owner.


A special tanks goes out to Tom D for all his advice and for having an open mind, purchasing and racing this new boat when we first released it. I personally wish to thank Paul Packmeyer for all his testing and positive advice, not to mention informing me that I had a winner in storage (for 15 years) that I didn't even remember.


I Think 2011 may just be the year of the SILEX in the competition circle. Good luck to all those racing her.


Thanks, Tony C.

Here are some great pictures of my favorite color combination: Yellow / Purple


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