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Full Throttle R/C is back up on our site.

Chris and I set up a Video / Media link that can be found in the "Media" section of our website. We think we have the "pop-up" issue under control so you can watch the shows and only have to tolerate my commercials and not sit through a Viagra infomercial. 

I have to confess haven't watching these videos in several years they almost put me to sleep! It's like listening to the music I used to sing and play 20 + years ago... Why is it that the things we did many years ago looked and sounded so cool, now all these years later, maybe not so...


Tony C.

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Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 19, 2013 at 12:39pm


Yes I did, I'm so sorry I meant to say something a couple weeks ago, I am just so Damn busy! We kept one at the shop and Pam took one home, our Grand daughter really got a kick out of the pictures.

Many Thanks,



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