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Fly Sky 10 Model FS GT3B 2.4 G 3CH Radio

I would be glad to show the 64F but I am still waiting for the rigid engine coupler from WHH to couple the 2 – Dominator Heads by Performance Unlimited. The coupler should be at my door steps in a couple of days. For the mean time, here is a little review of the Fly Sky FS GT3B 2.4 G 3 CH Radio from rcworldwide.com on my AS Fighter and Rio 51. It does not glitch, affect nor effect other 2.4 G systems that is on the market. I have all 3 boats and 5 land models on this radio.


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Comment by Jun Mangahas on December 6, 2010 at 12:28am
I just thought I would report back on my FS GT3B 3 CH 2.4 G Radio. I am loving this radio more and more. I am currently using it on my 1/8 Scale Nitro land vehicles more now that my pond is officially closed for the season.

I play on the snow as well and on the occasional rain and as always radio equipment should not get wet. Surprisingly enough I found this video of the the FS 3 CH Rx. Follow the link and you can decide for yourself.
Comment by Jun Mangahas on December 27, 2010 at 11:34am

For those people wanting to know more on the DSC Port on their FS GT3B Radio. Don't miss to see this link.



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