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As tested on 12/02/11

M5 engine less-clutch, dry tuned 2" band pipe with internal silencer.

Enforcer Dry -Tuned 2" mid-section w/internal silencer, 14.5" length

Enforcer XP-2 Inline drive system

Water conditions- calm (less than 1" chop)

Temp- 79 degrees

Prop 75mm 2-blade- Top speed- 51 MPH, on plane extremely fast, hard cornering, tight radius turns in less than 20'.

Prop 80mm 2-blade- Top speed- 53 MPH on plane under 10', hard cornering, tight radius turns. Torque is strong but boat will stabilize under full throttle.

Prop- 7016 brass 3-blade. Top speed 55 MPH, on plane in about 25 yards. Low torque effect, turn radius about 40'.

We will be doing extensive testing for the next couple weeks and under many different combinations and conditions. Judging by what I have seen and driven so far, the boat is extremely stable and though we have turned it over, it has only happened once in 4 hours of testing. Granted water conditions were calm with less than a 1" chop, but this is the most stable Cat I have ever ran.

I think that we will offer it it two forms, a clutch-less version with dry tuned pipe, and a clutched version with Pro-Wet tuned pipe.

Version 1 with a clutch and wet pipe system normally performance is reduced by 5-7 miles per hour. If this proves to be the case I think that this large Cat as predictable as we have seen should run in this format at speeds in the mid- 40's, which will make a great running model for the sport / performance gas boater.

Version 2 the clutch-less model should enable us to provide the more speed oriented gas model boater a larger boat that will be slightly less at speed than some competition boats, however I don't believe low enough where it would not be competitive in race conditions, especially in rougher water conditions.

All in all so far we are quite pleased with the results to this point, and between the handling and speeds we have seen combined with the high detail we will be putting fourth into the deck design, Enforcer will no doubt soon have our first Cat in our stable that will not only offer big boat performance, but outstanding realistic looks.

We will keep you all informed as progress is made.

Thanks, Tony C.

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