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In the off season we do offer a few customers the service to build them a giant scale model boat. Though this is not our main-stay in the business, it was actually a very popular part of our business in the early years, and we even specialized in making these monsters, but back then powered with side-by-side Mitsubishi's and Homelites for power.

Right now Mike is building one of our 76" Scarabs with our XForce Twin-cylinder 52cc M5 engines in it, and today we tested. We chose Pro-Wet Tuned Pipes for the low to no maintenance, and the more predictable mid-range that they offer over the dry pipes.

Tomorrow she will be water tested and then this customer has us making all kinds of custom add-on's such as: Working head lights, Bow railings, Engine covers, Rear deck railings, a race stripe, and a few other "bling" options.

This boat without all of the "bling" options can be had for under $3000.00 (including radio system), and you can add all the details and have one nice "Large Scale" for a whole lot less than the competition, including a fully modified engine!

Here are some of today's build pictures, check out that cool "sub-water" wet exhaust!

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Comment by Barry Manno on February 26, 2012 at 7:49pm
I hope to be running this intheatlantic in a few weeks! That looks wild with the water blasting out the dual exhausts. With the pipes below the waterline this is going to sound great! Tony has been great to work with... I'd recommend Tony and company to ANYONE looking to run the best RC boats on the water. He really knows his stuff.


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