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Hello I am Tony Castronovo owner of Warehouse Hobbies Inc. the parent company of Enforcer RC Boat Company. I have set up this area to establish a place for the thousands of Enforcer gas boat owners throughout the world to come and share their experiences through a common bond and network. Since 1981 Warehouse Hobbies Inc. has sold over 20,000 model boats branded under the world famous name Enforcer. Many of these early boats have changed from hand to hand several times over the years and between all of our new or second or even third or more hand owners and Warehouse Hobbies Inc. We have established what once started as a simple concept, now grown into a world wide industry.
This is a place to bring fun and insight and I do have a few rules that I would like for you to follow.
I ask that only positive people share their insights and opinions, and that we are all here to help each other be sucessful and enjoy this great hobby. I ask that you refrain from downgrading and individule and or his or her choice of boat and or modeling skills, but yet if you see something maybe not quite right that you share your knowledge in a respectful manor as I have done for the past 28 years. Our industry is considered a luxury and we are very fortunete to be a part of it as it is also a frail industry, one where a new modeler can quickly loose interest if not sucessful.
Let's use this new internet media format to keep our RC gas model boating hobby strong. Share photo's of your boats, club events, and most important your families involvement in the hobby. Let's show the world who has never seen RC gas model boating what they are missing and how they too can get involved in this exciting hobby and maybe even purchase their own Enforcer gas model boat.
Thank you,
Tony Castronovo
President, Warehouse Hobbies Inc.

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Comment by joesph bezzina on February 17, 2010 at 6:09pm
hello tony joe from nova scotia my apache is coming along fine just waiting on my wet pipes garth is ording for me where are the restof the enforcer boat owners
Comment by Tony Castronovo on February 18, 2010 at 9:34am
This only launched offically yesterday on our site, so I am sure it will take some time for us "older" and not as internet savvy folks to figure it out, I am speaking for myself and those like me who couldn't text if they tried. I trust this will be a nice place for discussions.
Tony C.
Comment by joesph bezzina on February 20, 2010 at 11:57am
hello mark sorry to here you got laid off things here in canada things are not too bad iam a pro body and paint tech i am working on my 84'' inch apache powered by tony;s m5 twin on wet pipes it has been a 3 yr project
Comment by kurt bennett on March 23, 2010 at 11:55pm
question , have an old enforcer with a 230 pum . no clutch, has cylinder issues , waitimg on parts. here's the question i have a sweet running mac , mac cat 38 cc saw motor , a homie wet header/ exits behind head, so is this stupider than repairing a not easy to find parts for or a conversion kit to 4 port/ g23 pum or would i fit the saw and weight to hp on these motors , my 230 smokes the old 25 cc homlite that it came with, but 38 cc mac ? would it eat my 230 > if so how do i hook up drive thank you . i know i shoulda got a 260
Comment by Mark Volz on May 8, 2010 at 12:02am
Does anyone in this club have NITRO POWERED BOATS ???? I love my gas boats, but I will always run Nitro Boats Too !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by DENNIS K. BROWN on November 16, 2013 at 8:34am

Hello all, particulary Tony.  After 40 yeas in the R/C Boat hobby I still have 10 ( 6 gas and 4 electric )

I am PUMPED with the prospect of building a Bertram "Moppie".  Tony, I will pay for Plans to scratch build one

if you don't have plans to offer FIBERGLASS Hull/deck/hatch.  If you are willing to "pour some resin" I will be glad to prepay for one to help reintroduce this gorgeous hull to the world.  I am here in Kent, OH and donate one powerboat yearly for auction to charity to promote excitement in the hobby as so few of us are "building" boats anymore.  In doing so I am finding that there is an increasing audience of adults that want these boats for "show and go" in their office and homes.  That said, please give this your utmost consideration soon..Plans or Plugs..I don't care..I just want to build and run a Moppie!




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