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  My box of parts showed up today from Bonzi. Clutch s a very nice looking piece! After test fitting to the engine noticed that the shoes are hanging out of the bell by about .125 so will have to shorten the spacers to get full shoe contact with the bell. No problem with the lathe! I chose WHH universal mounts so would have a fair amount of alignment adjustment. I will have to shorten the screws that hold the mount to the clutch since the half inch long ones run into the clutch bell. I think maybe the shoe deal may be due to my trying a tiger king engine. Do not have a zenoa to do any comparisons with. Regardless I am happy with the order overall. I used to pit crew for a friend drag racing years ago and we had to modify quite a few parts. It is just part of it. I do not mind overcoming a few minor obstacles. It will personalize the boat more than most people looking at it will ever know. Thanks Daniel! Packing job with the order was good also.

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