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It's been five years now since we installed our first 23cc air-cooled engine in our Super G. Yes for those that may not know it is "ours". I started our engine program in 2005 after several prior trips to Asia looking for the most reliable sources to produce all of the components necessary.

I visioned have components manufactured in quality factories both here in the USA and abroad and doing the assembly and QC work in our factory undered caring eyes. Well, that became a reality in June of 2006 when we finished up secret testing of a similar in design name brand engine and installed them in our popular Super G.

We kept it very quiet telling only those who inquired, and not many did because they out-performed their predessers and were just as reliable. There are many advantages to being able to manufacture all of the components that make up our engines, for instance the cylinder timings were enhanced in the tooling so in essence every XForce air-cooled 23cc engine made more power out of the box. I was also able to have a full-circle crank shaft manufactured to use with this engine, but most important for the future of our engine program. At that time I wasn't sure about the future of having our own engine program, I was more concerned that my decision to have our own engine made didn't hurt our reputation. Also not advertising it as ours on a large level could help keep all the na-sayers and negitive internet posters from classifying it as another piece of import junk.

On the contrary as I had established a personal relationship with several manufactures over several years that knew what my expectations were, and Knew that I would not settle for anything less than the industry standard. As much as I wanted to make it known, I think in the long run I made the right choice. As of this month we have produced, assembled, and sold over 600 XForce air-cooled engines with so few problems I have too minimal to report a base-line for percentage comparison. There has never been a rotating assembly failure to my knowledge.

Now for the future...Over the past two years I continued to have molds and tooling made to complete my vision and separate our company from major price increases, long range shipping costs and import restraints, and also most important to identify Enforcer boats as a 100% product manufacturer.

With this said we are now in the final testing stages of our most bold financial and manufacturing venture to date. Everything is almost in place and our testing is proving to be as equal and better than what is currently being used and available. The first of the new year 2012 should separate Enforcer boats from the rest once again with release of the XForce-26 water-cooled marine engine.

I will go into more detail as this becomes a reality in the near future. I can tell you that every engine whether sold in a RTR boat or separate will carry a 180 day factory warranty, limited only to oil related or hydro-lock failure. I can also state that our engineswill be available at a price point that hasn't been seen for several years, and that will include all replacement engine components. This is a very exciting time for me and my company, and I want to get all of our customers on-board and willing to accept the future, as change is inevitable for companies to survive in these times, and we are certainly not afraid to make change to insure yours and our future in gas model boating.

Please respond to this with any questions and I will be happy to answer them.


Tony C.

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