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January 2012 Blog Posts (9)

Building an affordable engine dyno

After nearly twenty five years of stellar service our engine dyno, "known as Betty" has passed on to the point that she is so worn out, she had to be put out of commission.

She couldn't handle the relentless testing of the XForce engines over the past couple of months, and the 100 hour test was just too much.

Anyway, all kidding aside when I designed Betty I tried many loading devices from water to electric (eddie-current) but both either was too difficult to control, or they…


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In the off season we do offer a few customers the service to build them a giant scale model boat. Though this is not our main-stay in the business, it was actually a very popular part of our business in the early years, and we even specialized in making these monsters, but back then powered with side-by-side Mitsubishi's and Homelites for power.

Right now Mike is building one of our 76" Scarabs with our XForce Twin-cylinder 52cc M5 engines in it, and today we tested. We chose Pro-Wet…


Added by Tony Castronovo on January 24, 2012 at 4:14pm — 1 Comment


I received a email from a customer and it may of been on this forum. He ran a gas hydro and sent me a couple pictures of a scratched up new piston on his Zenoah. The scratches were on the intake side, and he said it was the second one that happened to with only a tank or two of gas, and if I knew why.  I knew exaclty what the problem was when I heard the word hydro. 

I went through my archives of drawings today I made over the years and found this one from 1987 when I was working on…


Added by Tony Castronovo on January 20, 2012 at 3:52pm — 3 Comments

Sparl Plug Gap

Yesterday I told you guys that we found the best gap settings for our XForce engine to be between 0.030 - 0.032 and we actually picked up 2 MPH at 0.032 gap. Keep in mind that this is on an M6 race engine and I should of been more specific. In actuality by increasing the gap to the 0.032" in our case we did get more top end performance, but with that said I don't recommend this on clutched engines used for sport/performance use, as the engine RPMs will need to be set higher to sustain, and…


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Here's a bit of information that most of you already know, but for those that don't it can make the difference of as much as 1000 or 5 MPH!

The optimum spark plug gap should be set 0.030" - 0.032"

Added by Tony Castronovo on January 16, 2012 at 11:46am — No Comments

We Have A Name!

Normally I can come up with a name ( and that's my favorite part ) pretty easy for a boat or product whether influenced by something in the past, or out of thin air, but in the case of our new Cat, I was blank for months. I asked everyone here to come up with some names too, but none really stuck out.

So the other day as I am going through some of my old toys from the 60's ( deciding if it was time to part with them ), I came across what looked to be a Cat with wheels from 1968, and I…


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Not Politically Correct, But Absolutely Correct

I may talk one on one with you guys about our Nations condition and views, and do so because of the years I have traveled all over the world and have seen and learned things that most have not.Education to me both pro and con is one of my most important concerns I think we need to make wise decisions in our lives, and it all certainly must be shared in my book. In this case I certainly don't want to start a political war, but this came across my desk this morning and is the best explanation…


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Enforcers 2012 Catamerand

Greg and I went round and round about putting some pictures of the new Cat design on the site, where I wanted to and he thought since we never made one keep it a surprise. We had the foam deck pattern completed a couple weeks ago, which in a picture looks like a finished product, and I almost put it up, but I respected his wishes since I gave him the green light to put his imagination into the deck design, as long as it could be a real boat. A couple days ago Greg started to make the master…


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Special Pricing for CE Members on our new XForce engines!

We are now in production for the XForce engine line. We are going to offer our membership a deal for mid-end February 2012 shipping, as January's production has been limited to our Ready to Run line of Enforcer Boats.

The following prices will be good until January 31st 2012. To receive this deal you must call prior to the cut-off date and place your order. We will charge 1/2 up front to secure your order and the balance at the time the engine ships.

There are no limits to the…


Added by Tony Castronovo on January 3, 2012 at 8:24am — No Comments

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