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Hi all.
Can anyone tell me where to find the complete video "how to mount the M5 kit"

When I follow the link from Throttle Tv, it seems like only the first half of the video appears. The remaining piece of the video is missing.

This is the missing link :-)


best regards


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Hi Max, I know what you mean about tight quarters in these rc boats , I'm not small and have a hard time. With regards to instructions to installation of the zenoah type motor, have you looked for the text version on WHH ?

Hi Gordon.

Can you throw a link to the text version?


Best regards


Max, no problem ENFORCER Direct Help . When you bought your M5 kit was it the full motor or just the following:

  • Modified Cylinder (High compression, increased port timings)
  • Modified Piston
  • Wrist pin clips (2)
  • Base gasket
  • Piston ring
  • Upper and Lower o-rings for waterjacket


Max, from your pictures of your Rio 51, the new engine location is a bit farther back then the original engine. Did you figure out the center of gravity when you started your install? check "Things to Know" You might need a longer shaft tube, teflon liner, and cable, the ISO pad can stay, if this is the case. It is possible to drill the engine mount holes after the rails are installed, dificult but not impossible. When I start my PT boat I will have to drill mounting holes before I mount the rails, even tighter space. (side by side engines) Also check out the Ready-To-Run-Instructions they help too


Hi Gordon.

Thanks for the comments and help. I totally agree. The pictures of my Rio was from my first atempt to rebuild it. I will soon upload new pictures of the latest atempt. I´ve moved the engine 2-3" Put the fueltank and the radiobox in the back as in the original Rio. I´ved skipped the isopad and installed the Tonys t-bar and new glassfiber rails.

About the M5 kit. I bought the complete M5 from Tony about a year ago. Like kit you described above.

Max, Not sure Sean thinks the file got corrupted? He is trying to find the old files, it has been many years. Can I provide any help?


Tony C.

Hi Tony.

It would be great if you could find it. No specifik questions. Just thought is would be nice to look at the video before i mount the M5 kit.



Max, I was able to find some of Tony's Full Throttle TV videos on you tube but not all. Hope Tony puts the rest on.

Hi Gordon and Tony.

I did the M5 kit today. It´s was very easy. So I guess I dont need the video anyway. Thanks for your dedication. Have a great weekend.

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