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I hooked up the engine kill guard to my new enforcer boat, between the battery, receiver, and switch and the engine wires to the ground bolt on the coil and the other into the coil. I tested the unit for a power out by starting the engine and unscrewing the switch which cut the engine. My test worked ok, then i ran the boat, used my kill switch added channel to shut off the engine. I went to start the boat later and found i couldn't get it running due to no spark. I tool the ekg unit off the boat and then finally got it running again ok. Is the unit a defect??

Also i am running a marine spektrum transmitter loosing radio signal not too far out. Am i better off with your futaba 3 channel 2.4??

Thank you,


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I'm not sure I never used both in combination. Give the EKG a few taps to see in the switch may be latched, and re-try.

I just tryed taping it lightly and even pulling the wiring off on the kill switch and still no response??

I believe i hooked it up right. The only thing i did not do initially was wrap the wire around the interference isolator.

I assume i can run it together with the kill switch as i would certainly like to keep the kill switch in place?

Thanks again,


Adam how is your EKG working out?

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